2 faux leather designs, mimicking the delicate patterning seen on exotic reptiles. Metallic versus matt?

Bakau has been inspired by the markings seen on creatures within the tropical mangroves. 2 different designs are presented in matt and metallic tones offering a hardwearing wipe clean surface for contract interiors. The antimicrobial finish is an added benefit to a statement collection.

  • Kadal B1 Tusk

  • Kadal B2 Bone

  • Kadal B3 Armadillo

  • Kadal B4 Platinum

  • Kadal B5 Midas

  • Kadal B6 Tigertail

  • Kadal B8 Stingray

  • Kadal B9 Komodo

  • Satomi B1 Limestone

  • Satomi B2 Pumice

  • Satomi B3 Clay

  • Satomi B4 Mercury

  • Satomi B5 Ember

  • Satomi B6 Mantis

  • Satomi B7 Caiman

  • Satomi B8 Azurite

  • Satomi B9 Ash

  • Satomi B10 Galena

  • Satomi B12 Scorpion

  • Satomi B13 Passion Flower

  • Satomi B15 Carbon

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