Soft chenille contrasts with luxury metallic yarns for elegant upholstery solutions.

The new Boulevard collection takes influence from architectural detailing with facets of metallic yarn glinting in contrast to a soft chenille and natural matt backdrop, adding texture, warmth and contemporary flavour. The 2 designs: a sophisticated chevron and a small irregular check, are presented in a range of current colours to add an elegant finishing touch to hospitality, leisure and cruise interiors

  • Palais B1 Pearl

  • Palais B2 Shell

  • Palais B3 Peat

  • Palais B4 Spinel

  • Palais B5 Nickel

  • Palais B6 Amber

  • Palais B7 Olivine

  • Palais B8 Serpentine

  • Palais B9 Zircon

  • Palais B10 Stone

  • Palais B11 Bronze

  • Palais B12 Copper

  • Palais B13 Jasper

  • Palais B14 Cinder

  • Palais B15 Graphite

  • Galeries B1 Pearl

  • Galeries B2 Shell

  • Galeries B3 Peat

  • Galeries B5 Nickel

  • Galeries B6 Amber

  • Galeries B7 Olivine

  • Galeries B8 Serpentine

  • Galeries B9 Zircon

  • Galeries B10 Stone

  • Galeries B11 Bronze

  • Galeries B12 Copper

  • Galeries B13 Jasper

  • Galeries B14 Cinder

  • Galeries B15 Graphite

  • Galeries B16 Putty

  • Galeries B17 Wrought

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