Divo Blackout


Divo is a matt, cotton-look, blackout plain, available in a palette of 24 colours, ranging from pale neutrals through to a selection of trend-led colours. Achieving full blackout, Divo provides a simple, neat, budget solution for commercial windows and hotel curtains. Offered as a wide width product, for easy curtain make-up, the fabric is washable at 30 degrees and achieves UK, European and IMO standards.

  • Divo D23 Chalk

  • Divo D24 Ricotta

  • Divo D9798 Mist

  • Divo D9799 Ecru

  • Divo D9329 Frappe

  • Divo D9769 Gris

  • Divo D9411 Sand

  • Divo D9797 Dove

  • Divo D9577 Stoat

  • Divo D9578 Flint

  • Divo D9848 Honey

  • Divo D9796 Cloud

  • Divo D9847 Mocha

  • Divo D9795 Pitch

  • Divo D9629 Antique Gold

  • Divo D9832 Truffle

  • Divo D9846 Carob

  • Divo D9656 Raspberry

  • Divo D9852 Kiwi

  • Divo D9849 Tagine

  • Divo D9853 Storm

  • Divo D9850 Plum

  • Divo D9851 Petrol

  • Divo D9813 Panna

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