Soft textures and loose organic shapes woven using Trevira CS yarns to provide a luxury drape solution.

Designed specifically for curtains, bedspreads and soft furnishings, this collection combines soft textures and loosely drawn organic imagery finely woven in a luxurious gentle draping quality, ideal for hotel interiors. All the fabrics are made from 100% Trevira CS, inherently flame retardant to full UK and International contract specifications, and washable to 40 degrees.

Fabrics marked with the TREVIRA CS logo are branded flame retardant fabrics. The Trevira fibres are inherently flame retardant and therefore the fabrics made from these fibres and filament yarns are permanently flame retardant. Trevira upholstery fabrics therefore do not require Crib 5 backing to be flame retardant.

We work hard at Skopos to obtain IMO certification for the majority of our fabrics. To comply with new regulations for marine interiors Skopos have been awarded the wheelmark and now have a large selection of fabrics with module B and D status.

  • Elysian H1 Mist

  • Elysian H2 Rose

  • Elysian H3 Apple

  • Elysian H4 Peacock

  • Elysian H5 Blueberry

  • Elysian H6 Ebony

  • Felicity H1 Pearl

  • Felicity H2 Chartreuse

  • Felicity H3 Mocha

  • Felicity H4 Toffee

  • Felicity H5 Mahogany

  • Serenity H1 Frost

  • Serenity H2 Lilac

  • Serenity H3 Lake

  • Serenity H4 Rouge

  • Serenity H5 Mallard

  • Serenity H6 Chocolate

  • Shangri-la H1 Linen

  • Shangri-la H2 Aquamarine

  • Shangri-la H3 Lime

  • Shangri-la H4 Raspberry

  • Shangri-la H5 Charcoal

  • Shangri-la H6 Coffee

  • Utopia H1 Stone

  • Utopia H2 Dove

  • Utopia H3 Teal

  • Utopia H4 Geranium

  • Utopia H5 Copper

  • Utopia H6 Bramble