A collection of faux leathers ranging from tradition leather-look to more exotic and metallic finishes.

Impact is a charismatic collection of faux leathers designed to bring luxury and charm into hotel interiors. The collection boast an easy care antimicrobial finish and a wipe-clean surface and a choice of 3 designs.

  • Poise I1 Charge

  • Poise I2 Opal

  • Poise I3 Zircon

  • Poise I4 Zinc

  • Poise I5 Feldspar

  • Poise I6 Celsian

  • Poise I7 Halite

  • Poise I8 Spinel

  • Poise I9 Ember

  • Poise I10 Rubellite

  • Poise I11 Heliodor

  • Poise I12 Ammonite

  • Poise I13 Force

  • Poise I14 Navy

  • Power I1 Tawn

  • Power I2Malachite

  • Verve I1 Mica

  • Verve I2 Steel

  • Verve I3 Olivine

  • Verve I4 Bronze

  • Verve I5 Surge

  • Verve I6 Lapis

  • Verve I7 Meteor

  • Vision I1 Ingot

  • Vision I2 Gilt

  • Vision I3 Pewter

  • Vision I4 Marcasite

  • Vision I5 Jet

Download a copy of the shade card for this collection

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