Mezzanotte Dimout

2 textured designs and a plain for dim-out solutions within contract interiors.

Mezzanotte by Skopos is a collection of elegant light obscuring dim-out fabrics providing a perfect drapery solution for contract interiors. This collection provides a reduction in light penetration, which combined with expert make-up and careful installation (to reduce light ingress at the top and edges) will facilitate a good night’s rest.

  • Sera S1 Blonde

  • Sera S3 Twine

  • Sera S5 Saddle

  • Sera S6 Viola

  • Nox NX1 Praline

  • Nox NX2 Sahara

  • Nox NX3 Bramley

  • Nox NX4 Earth

  • Nox NX5 Chrome

  • Nox NX6 Seal

  • Nero N2 Oyster

  • Nero N4 Parchment

  • Nero N5 Sand

  • Nero N7 Corn

  • Nero N9 Camel

  • Nero N10 Bamboo

  • Nero N11 Fudge

  • Nero N12 Dove

  • Nero N15 Butterscotch

  • Nero N17 Caramel

  • Nero N19 Paprika

  • Nero N21 Granite

  • Nero N23 Atlantic

  • Nero N24 Ivy

  • Nero N25 Molasses

  • Nero N26 Mocha

  • Nero N27 Rouge

  • Nero N28 Wine

  • Nero N29 Damson

  • Nero N30 Lagoon

  • Nero N31 Port

  • Nero N33 Pacific

  • Nero N36 Ebony

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