Mila Drape

Inspired by patterns within Mediterranean tiling.

Mila is a striking decorative flame retardant fabric collection offered for use across contract drapery, bedding and upholstery. This elegant FR chenille collection has been designed by Skopos to bring flexibility and excitement into hospitality and leisure interiors..  Mila is available as standard for drapery and bedding and will also be suitable for upholstery with a Crib 5 back coat, achieving 40,000 Martindale rubs for severe contract.

  • Camino M1 Snow

  • Camino M2 Mouse

  • Camino M3 Mustard

  • Camino M4 Blue-steel

  • Caramba M1 Pepperpot

  • Caramba M2 Lime Grove

  • Caramba M3 Marina

  • Caramba M4 Tagine

  • Gracia M1 Shingle

  • Gracia M2 Elephant

  • Gracia M3 Turmeric

  • Gracia M4 Valley

  • Gracia M5 Harissa

  • Gracia M6 Lavender

  • Gracia M7 Ocean

  • Gracia M8 Porcupine

  • Rambla M1 Wharf

  • Rambla M2 Macaw

  • Rambla M3 Seasalt

  • Rambla M4 Tropic

  • Talavera M1 Almond

  • Talavera M2 Mule

  • Talavera M3 Cranberry

  • Talavera M4 Viridian

  • Talavera M5 Atlantis

  • Talavera M6 Fig

  • Talavera M7 Blackened

  • Triana M1 Aqua

  • Triana M2 Paprika

  • Triana M3 Cave

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