A wide width textured blackout collection for contract drapery solutions and a good night's rest.

Nocturne sits within the Skopos Accents portfolio, offering 17 colours, ranging from flexible neutrals to rich statement tones. This collection can be used alone, unlined for best value, or with other fabrics to dress contract windows and block out light

  • Nocturne N1 Chalk Hills

  • Nocturne N2 Sand

  • Nocturne N3 Fern

  • Nocturne N4 Ash

  • Nocturne N5 Fox

  • Nocturne N7 Bluebell

  • Nocturne N8 Bracken

  • Nocturne N9 Pewter

  • Nocturne N10 Nest

  • Nocturne N11 Snowberry

  • Nocturne N12 Grouse

  • Nocturne N13 Kingfisher

  • Nocturne N14 Nettle

  • Nocturne N15 Sloe

  • Nocturne N16 Harvest Moon

  • Nocturne N17 Slate

Download a copy of the shade card for this collection

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